Novice Sister Stella Magnolia

A nun in whiteface smokes a cigarette in front of a church van

Stella Magnolia enjoys a cigarette

Hello! My name is Sister Stella Magnolia, and welcome to this quaint little corner of my convent. I am just too colorful for words, but I’ll try to give you a bit of information on who I am. Be it Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, as a Sister from the South, I am proud to greet my community with a warm heart, open arms, and a smile guaranteed to melt snow. While it is true that the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize, I am typically seen in public with my signature pearl necklace. However, I am not as sweet as I used to be. With that being said, I promise to my community that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good work. Having been blessed with some amazing mentors in my life, I hold a few beliefs that have made me who I am. I believe that nobody will cry alone in my presence; that when you smile, it increases your face value; that laughter through tears is everyone favorite emotion; and that a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. While active in my community, in my spare time I am proud to partner with local clinics and organizations assisting with PreP outreach, safer sex education, and fundraising for local services with the Aids Resource Center of Wisconsin, ensuring that those who need treatment are able to obtain services at little to no cost to them. However, if you can’t say anything nice about anybody, come sit by me.

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