Mission Statement

Six people dressed in nun's habits wearing white makeup and colorful jewelry pose in front of the Wisconsin state capitol building. One person holds a small dog. Another person is holding their hand to the sky

The Mad City Sisters, Inc. are a 21st century spiritual order madly dedicated to spreading joy through wit, health education, fund raising, and glitter! We stack the deck against guilt and shuffle the cards of human diversity to unite all under the suit of equality!

We exist as an order of 21st century nuns dedicated to the promulgation of Universal Joy and the expiation of Stigmatic Guilt. We work in harmony to promote a safe, fun, and peaceful environment for the youth of tomorrow, the gays of today, and remember the hardships of the legends of the past. We work with the pillars and charities of the community to help raise funds and bring our communities closer together. With our mighty weapons of humor, wit, and debauchery, we shall overcome the tyranny of today’s stereotypes and homophobes, and raise awareness for the equality we all deserve.

So we go forth and manifest together as one and bring the joys of safer sex and awareness of all kinds–along with goodies and glittery smiles to accept (not tolerate) YOU for YOU!