Helpful Links

Here’s a helpful list of links to some our fellow compatriots in the struggle for community awareness, safer sex, and the promulgation of joy everywhere:

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  The Mother House Website. Where we came from and who we are as a worldwide organization. Meet Sisters from around the globe, find out about events in other areas, and gain valuable information about safer sex and personal bliss.

Madison AIDS Support Network  Madison’s HIV/AIDS Resource Connection. From testing and prevention counseling to health services referrals and counseling for those living with HIV/AIDS, MASN is Dane County’s place to go.

Madison LGBT OutReach  Madison’s Source for All Things Queer. Get in the know on what’s happening in Madison’s LGBTXYZ Community.

Madison Needle Exchange  Safety First. If you inject, please do it safely. Clean needles stop the spread of blood borne diseases. You owe it to yourself.