Sister Perversula Felatiopia

2014-06-14 FF 1Mistress of the Coffers

As a young sea creature I was spat out of the spout of a sperm whale and left to writhe on the sea bottom until a friendly octopus lovingly wrapped its tentacles around me and dragged me to shore. I figured my taste was not to the whale’s liking. I thanked my kind cycloptic rescuer and crawled to civilization amid the crabs and mother turtles seeking a safe home for their young to be born. I discovered humans and was fascinated by their beauty and their uniqueness from one another. I decided it would be easy to slip into their culture and foster this quality–to make sure humans celebrate their diversity. To promote love without judgment. To preach pleasuring each other with respect and responsibility. To foster care for each other as I was cared for by that friendly octopod that rescued me from my own dark depths.