Emeritus Sister Dymond Natrix

I want to make a difference in my community. I live in a remote area, Janesville, WI, not too far from Madison. There are very limited resources available to the LGBTQA community right where I live. There is no real network between us in the more rural areas. I view my mission with the Sisters to be a bridge: to cover the losses in our community in communication, action, and organization; and to bring together the lost, the searching, the wandering, and the needing. I want to be a very visual member of our LGBTQA Community. I want to be approachable, to be the glue stick that helps holds our communities together. I live in an area, thanks to urban sprawl, where more and more alternative members of society are looking for resources. I see it as my calling to help join us all together to open our community, to offer support, and to get OUT there and do something – anything – everything to make this, our corner of the world, a more friendly place. That is my goal and that is my mission as a Sister. Hugs!