Sister Naughtia Needles

Naughtia Needles

Mistress of Dirty Habits

My mission as a Sister is to teach people to love one other no matter their situation. Coming from the Kink community I have a fondness for things that are sharp and pointy. I use needles, medical staples and sutures to make works of temporary art on people who consent to be my canvas. This is something that I take very seriously. I believe in Risk Aware Consensual Kink or (RACK). This means that I promote risk assessment with everyone I do needles with. I encourage blood testing for blood borne disease and sexually transmitted disease. I also will not do anything that is outside of a person’s consent or that I feel would put their health at risk. I believe in our mission as Sisters to promote safer sex practices, provide condoms, and encourage people to use preventatives such as Prep along with getting tested regularly. My future projects are doing more to help Madison’s homeless and working with LGBT Books to Prisoners.