Sister Shawnti Fey, The Widow Most High (Guard)

Mistress of Novices

My personal mission as a Sister and a Guard is to promulgate universal joy by laughing at myself and finding the beauty in everyone. I expiate stigmatic guilt by never saying disparaging things about another person’s spiritual path or unkind things about an individual. In the communities I interact in and am a part of, I always have a smile, a kind word, a quick joke or comment, and love that I must share. My hope that the people I interact with always have their day brightened.

As a Sister, I am happy to take center stage, even though I’m not a show Sister. I am just as satisfied staying in the sidelines doing the manual labor that makes our Work successful. My personal mission field includes but are not limited to the following groups: the GLBT community, the Queer community, the Faith community, the straight community, and of course the Radical Faerie communities.

My pet causes are to educate people about safer sex and the dangers of unprotected sex. I also reach out to the meth- and heroin-using communities and educate about the dangers of these devastating drugs and the effect they have on the community as a whole. Lastly, I want to secure equal rights for all people in employment, marriage, and housing access.